DISCLAIMER: The files on this page are for reference only, they may or may not include important updates made throughout the year. Please verify with the series if you have any questions. Please check the Tech Advisory Page for Updates

2014 ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Model Rules
The 2014 rules have been finalized and are available under the driver tab at We have worked closely with all other sanctioning bodies to get SLM rules in line so we are all the same. There are a few minor changes listed in the rules and highlighted in YELLOW.

Items of Note: Base Weights, Tread Width, Ignition Boxes.

Please note that in 2014 we will be mandating the Crane Ignition Box in all cars. We will have a limited amount of boxes available at events where a driver enters a race without the proper ignition box. That box can be removed and replaced with a Crane Box based on the wiring requirements listed in the rules while at the track. These wiring requirements are nationwide and suggested by the manufacturer.

There are a few other rules currently in discussion across the country and we will notify everyone if there is a agreement as soon as possible. (Carb rules will NOT change)

Once all rules have been discussed and agreed upon we will once again lock our rules for three years. If any rules are modified it will be thru a addendum posted and sent to all teams.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Anyone that has questions or concerns, please contact Tim Olson or Mike Lemke directly.

ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Model Rules (PDF File)

2014 Race Procedures
2014 ARCA Midwest Tour Procedures (PDF File)